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#NYCDCC Medicare-Eligible Retirees covered under UHC: Don't forget about UHC's HouseCalls Program! By dialing 1-866-447-7868, you can schedule an at-home health and wellness at no additional cost to you. Participating in the HouseCalls Program will also earn you a $15 gift card! NYCDCCBF photo
The #NYCDCC Benefit Funds is proud to announce that we have just launched an accessibility widget for our website. The widget is meant to help users with certain conditions, disabilities, or impairments, have a better experience. Read more here: NYCDCCBF photo
#NYCDCC members/retirees- We just posted a new article on our website highlighting a Pension benefit improvement approved by the Board of Trustees that will become effective July 1, 2022. To read about it, please click here: NYCDCCBF photo
There are several new job opportunities currently available at the Benefit Funds, including recent additions such as Communications Coordinator, Payroll Administrator, and Welfare Retiree Eligibility Associate. To learn more and apply, click here: NYCDCCBF photo
#NYCDCC! We just posted a new article on our website concerning Men's Health Awareness/Prostate Screening. The information comes courtesy of our partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK Direct) @MSKCancerCenter. For more: #MSKCC NYCDCCBF photo
#NYCDCC: We are happy to let you know that the Mid-Season 2022 edition of our newsletter, "Benefits Toolbox," is now available to view digitally on our website. To get a sneak preview at our current edition, and/or review our archives, click here:


New York City District Council of Carpenters Benefit Funds

The mission of the Benefit Funds Office is to properly administer the plans of benefits and deliver superior service to our members in all respects.

The New York City District Council of Carpenters Benefit Funds are administered by a joint Board of Trustees consisting of union-designated and employer-designated trustees. The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing benefits, adopting rules and regulations, and overseeing the operations of the Funds, with the assistance of the Executive Director and numerous plan professionals. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Trustees, manages the Funds Office, and oversees the day-to-day activities of the Funds.

The NYCDCC Benefit Funds provides comprehensive, valuable benefits to over 25,000 working and retired carpenters — members of NYCDCC — and their families. Through the Welfare, Pension, Annuity and Apprenticeship Funds, NYCDCC members enjoy health, vacation, and scholarship benefits, a defined monthly pension at retirement, a defined contribution benefit, and apprenticeship and journeymen training, all at little or no cost to the members.