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Be Sure to Always Use the Most Current ID Cards Issued by your Vendors

Be Sure to Always Use the Most Current ID Cards Issued by your Vendors

September 7, 2016

There are times when new ID cards are issued to you and/or your spouse by the various service providers retained by the NYCDCC Welfare Fund (e.g. Empire BlueCross, BlueShield, Express Scripts, Aetna, etc.). If you receive a new ID card, it is very important that you immediately destroy the expiring card(s) and use the new card(s) to avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of your benefits.


New ID cards are issued for many reasons such as the following:

  • Initial benefit eligibility
  • Benefit eligibility reinstated
  • Technical issues
  • Change in dependents
  • Change in coverage parameters
  • Change in coverage status between the following categories:
    • Active
    • Pre-Medicare Retiree or spouse
    • Medicare-Eligible Retiree or spouse

Transitioning from Pre-Medicare to Medicare-Eligible Retiree Status

Ensuring that you use your new ID cards is particularly important if you qualify for retiree health coverage before becoming eligible for Medicare benefits. When active benefit eligibility runs out (which can be after retirement), new cards are issued for you and/or your spouse once you enter the Pre-Medicare Retiree phase of coverage. These new cards will display new ID numbers. You and/or your spouse must use these new ID cards so that your coverage is applied correctly.

A similar transition will occur once you and/or your spouse become eligible for Medicare benefits. As a Medicare-Eligible Retiree, you and/or you spouse will be required to enroll in the Part A and Part B Medicare programs. Once that takes place, Medicare will become your and/or your spouse’s primary coverage for hospital, medical, and behavioral health, and the NYCDCC Welfare Fund will provide secondary coverage. In most instances, this transition will occur at different times for you and your spouse. Regardless of when these Medicare transitions take place, it is crucial that you and/or your spouse pay attention to your mail and make sure you use your new ID cards. Be sure to provide your new ID cards to any doctors, medical facilities, and pharmacies you regularly visit as soon as possible.

Remember, when new ID cards are issued, your coverage will be terminated under your old ID number(s) and will commence under your new number(s). This is necessary to begin coverage and reflect any coverage differences. Therefore, it is crucial that you begin utilizing your new cards right away.

If you have questions about your ID cards, you can call our Member Services Department at (800) 529-FUND (3863), or call the vendor directly by using the number located on the back of the card.