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Frequently Asked Questions- Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Frequently Asked Questions- Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 24, 2020

Is COVID-19 testing covered for NYCDCC Welfare Fund participants?

For our Active, Non-Medicare Eligible, and Medicare-Eligible participants, the cost for Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing, including doctor’s visits, has been fully waived by the Fund.

Where can I find information relating to COVID-19, including how to approach getting tested?

Empire BlueCross BlueShield has a variety of COVID-19 resources available to you including:

I’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19. Am I eligible for Short-Term Disability benefits?

Participants diagnosed with COVID-19 may apply for Short-Term Disability (“STD”) benefits through the NYCDCC Welfare Fund. Please keep in mind, in order to be eligible for STD Benefits, participants must have worked within 28 days from the date they were deemed disabled. If it is outside of the 28-day window, participants may apply for NY State Temporary Disability. Short-Term Disability applications can be found on the Benefit Funds’ website here:

What should I do if a family member has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

Participants who need to care for a family member who was diagnosed with COVID-19 can apply for Paid Family Leave (“PFL”). Please keep in mind, the family member must either be hospitalized or continuing treatment by a health care provider to be eligible for PFL.

The family members covered under the PFL include:

  • spouse
  • domestic partner (including same sex partnerships; legal registration not required)
  • child/stepchild and anyone for whom you have legal custody
  • parent/stepparent
  • parent-in-law
  • grandparent
  • grandchild

PFL family care applications can be found on the Benefit Funds’ website here:

If I self-quarantine (without being exposed), can I apply for Short-Term Disability?

If a participant is healthy and self-quarantining themselves, they would not qualify for disability (as the person is healthy). However, there is additional assistance available under federal law regarding paid leave. To learn more, please click here:

How do I know if I should still be reporting to work?

Any questions about safety should be directed to the job steward or representative assigned to that job.

  • Manhattan Representative Center – (212) 366-7345
  • Queens Representative Center – (718) 468-4056

What if I contracted COVID-19 through my job site?

Participants who contracted COVID-19 through their job site should file a Worker’s Compensation claim with their employer. You can file your claim at or by phone at (877) 632-4996 (Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM).

Will I receive my April Pension Payment?

April 1st Pension Payments have been processed for our current pensioners and should be received on time.

I need to withdraw funds from my Annuity Account. What can I do?

Currently, normal loans and withdrawals are available per Plan rules and Federal Regulations. Additionally, the Board of Trustees of the NYCCDCC Annuity Fund is monitoring federal legislation under consideration. There is legislation being considered that may a) waive the 10% penalty tax for pre-mature withdrawal, b) allow hardship withdrawals for COVID-19 related expenses, and c) allow hardship withdrawals to be repaid to the Fund and to spread their tax liabilities over three tax years. However, no new laws have been passed and no new Plan rules have been implemented at this time. Updates on any potential changes will be added to our website Please check back for breaking news and information.

Can I request a Vacation Hardship due to COVID-19?

In an effort to help you with the financial hardships caused by work outages resulting from this pandemic, the Board of Trustees of the NYCDCC Welfare Fund has made a decision to release your June 1st vacation payments approximately one month early. As such, members eligible to receive a vacation payment should expect to have the payment transmitted on approximately May 1st. More details will be available as the date draws closer, so please check the website for breaking news and information.