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Introducing LiveHealth Online: A New Way to Visit a Doctor without even going to the Doctor’s Office

Introducing LiveHealth Online: A New Way to Visit a Doctor without even going to the Doctor’s Office

August 10, 2016

LiveHealth Online PhotoWe have great news for NYCDCC members who are eligible participants in the Welfare Fund. Effective September 1, 2016, you will have the ability to “visit” a doctor without even going to a doctor’s office! This new Pilot Program, which will be made available via Empire BlueCross BlueShield through LiveHealth Online, will allow for you to make a virtual trip to a doctor using a two-way video connection.

For you to utilize this service, you will need to have high speed internet access, and either a computer with a built in camera and audio capability, or a Smartphone/Tablet with similar capabilities.

Once you have determined that you have the appropriate equipment, using the service will be simple. All you will need to do is visit, sign up on the website, choose the doctor you would like to visit, and then start the session by clicking the “connect” button (A LiveHealth Online App is also available for your Smartphone.) The service, which is not only accessible for you, but also your eligible dependents, will be a covered service under the Fund and require a $10 co-payment for each individual session.

The most important feature of LiveHealth Online is that it has U.S.-based, board certified doctors who are available 24/7 to address all of your non-emergency medical needs. This means, doctors who participate in the LiveHealth Online network will be able to provide you a quick diagnosis, treatment, and even a prescription if necessary. This will especially come in handy if you or an eligible dependent are ever in a situation where you are not feeling well but have no way of making it to your doctor or an Urgent Care Center.

LiveHealth online Video photo

Click Here to Watch a Video about how LiveHealth Online Works

If you are wondering when it will be most appropriate to use LiveHealth Online, you should know that patients typically use this service to communicate face-to-face with a doctor about colds, aches, sore throats, allergies, infections, and rashes, as well as routine prescription refills. However, you should also note that these doctors do not prescribe for controlled substances or lifestyle drugs.

In this world of ever evolving technologies, the NYCDCC Welfare Fund, with the help of Empire BlueCross BlueShield and LiveHealth Online, is doing its best to provide you the most convenient and cost-effective ways to obtain medical treatment and keep yourself healthy. This two-way video service is just another small part of the Fund’s efforts to do just that.

Be on the lookout for a postcard in the mail that will not only provide you more information about this exciting new service, but also give you a promotional code for $10 off (a free visit)!

To learn more about LiveHealth Online, you can visit and/or, or you can call Empire BlueCross BlueShield directly at 1 (800) 553-9603.