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Labor Technical College Hosts 46th Annual 4th Year Graduating Apprentice Contest

Labor Technical College Hosts 46th Annual 4th Year Graduating Apprentice Contest

April 6, 2015


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On Wednesday, April 1st, the NYCDCC Labor Technical College (LTC) hosted its 46th Annual 4th Year Graduating Apprentice Contest. The much anticipated event not only served as a showcase for competition among skilled apprentices, but it also was a platform for industry trends, state-of-the-art tools, and demonstrations as well. Considering how popular the event has become over the years, it was far from shocking that the basement of 395 Hudson Street was packed with eager observers throughout the day.

Although there was plenty to be seen, heard, and learned, the main draw of the event was most definitely the 4th Year Graduating Apprentice Contest. Dozens of apprentices took part in a competitive, but cooperative contest that challenged them to complete projects in their various trades. Carpenters, Floor Coverers, Interior Finishers, Millwrights, Timberman, Dockbuilders, and Cabinetmakers all had their chance to display the various skills they learned in their four years at the LTC. The results were wonderful, as the contest displayed the fabulously honed craftsmanship of the graduating class.

This contest left no doubt that all of the apprentices who participated in the event are winners and will be respected professionals in their trades. With that being said, here are the results of the 46th Annual Graduating Apprentice Contest:



1st-Joe Briganti Local 45

2nd-Kahallid Tyson Local 45

3rd-Caridad Castro Local 45

4th-Albert Bonilla Local 157

5th-Louis Falco Local 157

6th-Kyrell Hardy Local 157

Interior Systems


1st- Chris Sommese Local 20

2nd- Kylan Reese Local 45

3rd- Matt DiRusso Local 157

4th- Nick Asaro Local 926

5th- Ignatious Baldeo Local 45

6th- Stephanie Ramon Local 157

7th- Michael Campbell Local 157



1st- Rajesh Jewnandan

2nd- Daniel Gorgone

3rd- Jonathan Acevedo

4th- Sean Roland

Local 1556 Exhibitors & Representatives


Sean Brown

Marvin Gonzalez

Mitch Proffit

Mike Dionne

Local 2790 Exhibitors & Representatives


Yoon Yang

Chris Salamone

Local 2287 Exhibitors & Representatives


Jessica Glennon

Anthony DiPaolo


Congratulations to all who participated!