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MEND Program Expanding to Include Managing Mental Health Treatment Options and Authorizations

MEND Program Expanding to Include Managing Mental Health Treatment Options and Authorizations

September 9, 2019

As a part of its focus on fostering a healthy work and life-balance for its members and their dependents, effective October 1, 2019, the NYCDCC Welfare Fund’s Members Education and Network for Dependency (“MEND”) Program will expand to now include Mental Health treatment options, including referrals for outpatient and inpatient treatment for co-occurring disorders, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, and all other Mental Health issues.

In addition to treatment referrals, MEND will provide the following Mental Health services:

  • Case management and Coordination of Services with outside providers,
  • Supportive services, and
  • Education.

More specifically, MEND will offer the following Mental Health support:

  • Verify eligibility for coverage, and/or assist in locating and obtaining coverage,
  • Conduct thorough assessments for appropriate level of treatment and length of stay,
  • Provide treatment authorization in accordance with established guidelines,
  • Assist participants and/or dependents with identifying their treatment needs and goals,
  • Help participants and their dependents to secure services at treatment facilities,
  • Provide in-house support services to individuals and families,
  • Provide educational workshops to not only those utilizing the program, but also Apprentices, Shop Stewards, and employees of the Benefit Funds and District Council.

If you or one of your dependents is struggling with Mental Health issues, please contact the MEND Program for assistance from our accredited staff. The MEND program can be reached by phone at (212) 366-7590 or by email at

*Beware of Posers- If you receive any emails or phone calls from entities claiming to be connected to the MEND Program, do not give out any personal information or accept treatment advice unless you are sure you are communicating with an accredited MEND staff member. If you are unsure whom you are communicating with, please cease contact immediately and contact the program using one of the above-mentioned communication methods to verify that the contact you received was legitimate and not an attempt at fraud.