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NYCDCC Labor Technical College Hosts 47th Annual 4th Year Graduating Apprentice Contest

NYCDCC Labor Technical College Hosts 47th Annual 4th Year Graduating Apprentice Contest

March 24, 2016

LTC 47th Annual Apprentice Contest Collage

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On Wednesday, March 23rd, the NYCDCC Labor Technical College (LTC) hosted its 47th Annual 4th Year Graduating Apprentice Contest. This popular event, which is highly anticipated each year, once again not only served as a showcase for the skills apprentices have learned during their last four years at the LTC, but it also provided a competitive contest, a platform for industry trends, and a demonstration for state-of-the-art tools as well.

Although there is always a variety of activity taking place at this event, the main draw continued to be the 4th Year Graduating Apprentice Contest itself. As has consistently been the case over the years, dozens of apprentices took part in a friendly, but highly competitive contest that challenged them to complete projects in their various trades. Carpenters, Floor Coverers, Interior Finishers, Millwrights, Timberman, Dockbuilders, and Cabinetmakers all had their chance to display the various skills they learned and perfected in their time at the LTC. The end results of the varying projects were eye-catching, as the contest displayed the unquestionably brilliant craftsmanship of the graduating class.

Overall, this contest proved once more that all of the apprentices who participated in this event are winners and will be respected professionals in their trades for a long time to come. With that in mind, the NYCDCC Benefit Funds would like to extend its congratulations to the following participants and winners in the 47th Annual Graduating Apprentice Contest:


1st- John Brunet Local 157

2nd-Laura Gabby Local 157

3rd-Daniel Benjamin Local 926

4th-Robert Forster Local 20

5th-Marvin Martins Local 45

6th-George Brown Local 45

7th-Lucky Lim Local 157

8th-Trevor Triumph Local 926

Interior Systems

1st- Nick Perez Local 157

2nd- Tom Magno Local 45

3rd- James Kroog Local 45

4th- Patrick Duggan Local 45

5th- Jonathan Stec Local 45

6th- Bernando Simpson Local 926

7th- Tyler Ellison Local 157

8th- Dan Reynolds Local 157

Floor Covering

1st- Robert Hogan Local 2287

2nd-Jordon Bogdanoski Local 2287

3rd-Randolf Brenton Local 2287

4th-Nathaniel Riuers Local 2287


1st- Giacarlos Veras Local 740

2nd- Joseph Silberto Local 740

3rd- Kjell Petterson Local 740

4th- Joseph Scarcella Local 740

Dockbuilders Participants

Francis Cavaliere Local 1556

Ian O’Connor Local 1556

Steven Saldago Local 1556

Cabinet Makers Participants

Lukasz Kaczor Local 2790

Lawrence Lavin Local 2790

Congratulations to all who participated!