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NYCDCC Training Center (“CTC”) Hosts 50th Annual 4th Year Graduating Apprentice Open House/Exhibit

NYCDCC Training Center (“CTC”) Hosts 50th Annual 4th Year Graduating Apprentice Open House/Exhibit

April 26, 2019

On Wednesday, April 24th, the NYCDCC Training Center (“CTC”) hosted its 50th Annual 4th Year Graduating Apprentice Open House/Exhibit. The highly anticipated annual event once again served not only to showcase the skills apprentices have learned during their last four years at the CTC, but it also provided spirited competition, a platform for industry trends, and a demonstration for state-of-the-art tools.

Although there are many activities that take place during this event each year, center stage always belongs to the 4th Year Graduating Apprentice exhibit. As has been tradition since the event’s inception, dozens of apprentices took part in a friendly, but competitive event that challenged them to complete projects in their various trades. Carpenters, Floor Coverers, Interior Finishers, Millwrights, Timberman, Dockbuilders, and Cabinet Makers all had opportunities to display the various skills they learned and sharpened during their time at the CTC.

The end results of the varying projects were fantastic, as the event displayed the outstanding craftsmanship of the graduating class.

The NYCDCC Benefit Funds would like to extend its congratulations to the following participants and winners in the 50th Annual Graduating Apprentice Open House/Exhibit:


1st- Carlos Cornejo, Local 45

2nd- Michael Gervasi, Local 157

3rd- Lakota Bruno, Local 157

4th- Jeremias Martinez, Local 45

5th- Michelle Vineski, Local 45

6th- Isiah Rogers, Local 926

Interior Systems

1st- Vincent Pistone, Local 45

2nd- Javier Caballero, Local 45

3rd- Sophia Hedderman, Local 157

4th- Brandon Dematteo, Local 20

5th- Jorden Brown, Local 157

6th- Nicholas Magno, Local 45

7th- Peter Chan, Local 926

8th- Ryan Sirico, Local 157

Floor Covering

1st- Donnel Antoine, Local 2287

2nd- Christopher Gruenberg, Local 2287

3rd- Joseph Laguna, Local 2287

4th- Justy Garcia Castillo, Local 2287


1st- Michael Corrado, Local 740

2nd- Persio Pena, Local 740

3rd- Kyle Leggio, Local 740


1st- Joshua Snediker, Local 1556

2nd- Austin Hermance, Local 1556

3rd- Nicholas K. Neier, Local 1556

4th- Brian Fetchen, Local 1556

Cabinet Makers

Exhibitor- Ivan Ojeda Burgos, Local 2790

Exhibitor- Kashif Walker, Local 2790