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Online Password Resets for Member Log-In Now Available

Online Password Resets for Member Log-In Now Available

January 16, 2017

Password ResetOver the past several months, we have received feedback from members requesting the ability to reset forgotten passwords on their own via online services instead of calling the Fund Office for assistance. We have heard your feedback, and after working with our vendor on the programming, this function is now available to you.

If you forget your password, you will now be able to reset it by following the below instructions:

  1. Click the “Forgot Password” link.
  2. Enter your UBC number/Username.
  3. Answer your required security question.
  4. If you answer correctly, a temporary password will be emailed to the address we have on file for you. (Please note: If you do not have an email address on file with us, this process will be unavailable to you. To add your email address, you must go to “Change Profile” in the Main Menu, click “Continue,” enter your email address in the appropriate sections, and then click “Submit.”)
  5. Check your email for a temporary password. It will be delivered under the name, For your protection, the contents of the email will be sent securely through ZixCorp.
  6. Within the email, click Open Message.
  7. Create a password for the ZixCorp system (you will only have to do this once.) Be sure to follow the password directions.
  8. After you are logged into ZixCorp, your temporary password will display in the email.
  9. Revisit the Member Log-In section of the Benefit Funds’ website and log in using the temporary password you were provided in the email.
  10. Once logged in, you must change your temporary password to a new one of your choosing.


If you do not have an email address or are not having success resetting your password using the above instructions, please call the Member Services Department at (800) 529-FUND (3863) to have your password manually reset.