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REMINDER: How to Access LiveHealthOnline for Mental Health or Substance Use Assistance

REMINDER: How to Access LiveHealthOnline for Mental Health or Substance Use Assistance

February 18, 2022

If you or your dependent(s) are seeking outpatient services for mental health or substance use, please know that help is available and accessible from any electronic device with internet access.

You can have a confidential virtual visit with a licensed clinician at

Follow the steps below to access assistance through

  • Create an account at using the information from your Empire insurance card, such as the member ID number.
  • On the main page, click on the Telemedicine box which takes you to webpage.
  • On the webpage, create a account.
  • Select the LiveHealth Online Psychology (for psychotherapy) or Psychiatry(for medication management) box or download the LiveHealthOnline app to your electronic device to access provider biographies and schedules.
  • Select a provider and schedule an appointment.
  • After the appointment is scheduled, you will be directed to enter credit card information to cover the session fee ($80-$90).
  • As a result of accessing through the portal the fee will be calculated using the active policy information stored in the portal for that member.
  • The receipt will show the full provider fee even though active Empire BCBS participants will be charged a $10 copay for psychotherapy, not the amount shown when the transaction is completed.
  • will send you a confirmation email after the appointment is scheduled and a reminder on the day of the scheduled appointment with a receipt showing the $10 copay.

For further assistance with Mental Health issues or Substance Use, please contact MEND 212-366-7590 or

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