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Reminder to Select a Primary Care Dentist

Reminder to Select a Primary Care Dentist

August 26, 2014

Aetna Postcard Final 8-22-14

You will soon receive this postcard in the mail if you have not yet selected a Primary Care Dentist.

If you haven’t already done so, you (and your eligible dependents), must select a Primary Care Dentist (PCD) to be able to access dental care through Aetna DMO. The preliminary deadline to select a PCD is September 10th. If you do not select your PCD by September 10th, you risk not having dental coverage available to you for the month of October. Waiting until after the 15th of the month to select a PCD will result in having no access to dental coverage until November.

For instructions on how to select a PCD, please see below:     

Option #1 – Call Aetna Member Services

  • Call Member Services at 855-201-8436 between 8am and 6pm to speak with an Aetna representative.
  • Have the Social Security Number and Date of Birth of the participant available.
  • Review Primary Care Dentists who participate in the Aetna DMO plan by going to and following these instructions:
    • Scroll down the page and select “Find a doctor, dentist, facility or vision provider.”
    • Choose to search our Public Directory located towards the bottom of the page.
    • Elect Dentist (Primary Care).
    • Enter your Zip code.
    • Select the Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO®) plan.
    • Provide the name to the Aetna Member Services Representative.

Option #2 – Register for Aetna’s Member Services Website – Aetna Navigator®

  • Go to
  • Choose Logon/Register from the Menu Bar.
  • Select “Sign Up Now” & follow the step-by-step instructions included on the next pages.
  • Once you are registered, log onto the site and select “Find a Doctor, Dentist or Facility.”
  • Choose “Dentist (Primary Care).” The site will provide a list of Primary Care Dentists in your area.
  • Select “Make My Primary Care Dentist” next to the provider you choose. It’s that easy!
  • You may also assign Primary Care Dentists for your dependents by selecting “Change Primary Care Doctor for another member” after you have completed your election.