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March 2017- Vacation Payments Update

March 1, 2017
Some participants have recently contacted the Benefit Funds to inquire about March vacation payments. To help answer your questions, we have […]

Important Information for Your 2016 Taxes Regarding Health Coverage and Form 1095-B (or C)

February 28, 2017
The Internal Revenue Service (the “IRS”) now requires that you report whether or not you had health coverage when you […]

NYCDCC Benefit Funds to Launch Mass Email Blast Program for Members and Retirees in March

February 24, 2017
In a continued effort to expand our communications outlets, the New York City District Council of Carpenters (“NYCDCC”) Benefit Funds […]

Revisions Made to Simplify Change-of-Address Form Submission Procedures

February 21, 2017
  Effective immediately, the New York City District Council of Carpenters (“NYCDCC”) Benefit Funds, along with the District Council, have […]

Free Services and Transactions Associated with Vacation Debit Cards

February 17, 2017
The New York City District Council of Carpenters Benefit Funds, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, recently announced a […]

Vacation Benefits to be Paid via Debit Card Beginning in June

February 14, 2017
Effective for your first quarter vacation payment (payable in the first week of June 2017), the New York City District […]

Preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest (“SCA”) in Adolescents through Early Detection Heart Screenings

February 8, 2017
As your children grow up and begin to advance through the awkward stages of puberty, worrying about potential adolescent heart […]

Online Password Resets for Member Log-In Now Available

January 16, 2017
Over the past several months, we have received feedback from members requesting the ability to reset forgotten passwords on their […]

Empire BlueCross BlueShield Creates New Dedicated Phone Number for NYCDCC Members

January 9, 2017
      Effective January 1, 2017, Empire BlueCross BlueShield created a new dedicated phone number for NYCDCC members who […]

Prevention of Lower Back Pain

January 3, 2017
Lower back pain, alongside cancer, are the top two conditions that are most costly to the NYCDCC Welfare Fund and […]